What does not challenge you will not change you! Meet us for BODY BACK tonight at 7:30 at Kentlands-Lakelands. *Please note that Wheaton Rescue Squad is cancelled for this evening only*

Tone up Tuesday is here! Meet us for 1 of 4 Stroller classes this morning: 9:15am Stroller Strides at Westfield Montgomery 9:30am Stroller Strides at Arora Hills {playgroup} 9:30am Stroller Strides at Silver Spring {playgroup} 10am Stroller Barre at Kentlands

We see you, mama. Waking before your family to have those quiet ☕️ moments. Preparing breakfast, walking the dog, doing everything you can for everyone in your family. Mornings are hard. Life gets busy. It's so easy to NOT take care of you. But you know what? It's important. Make time. LOVE yourself enough to lead a healthy lifestyle. This hour is for YOU. We've got your kids! Meet us for Stroller Strides. 9:30am Clarksburg Premium Outlets with Heather 9:30am Rio with Colleen 9:30am Westfield Wheaton with Claire {Solar Eclipse theme + playgroup}

Anyone else {not} cleaning on this beautiful Sunday? 🙋🙋 📸 via FIT4MOM . . . #makingmemories #sundayclean #pardonthemess #fitmom #fit4mom #themotherhoodisreal

Today Show

"Oh my gosh, is this a real friend? Is this not just a park friend?" Thank you, Cat & Nat, for cracking us up on #MomTruth Friday by describing the challenges of taking mom friendships to the next level. More: http://on.today.com/2ia4yGt

"Be kind to other moms because hot dang it's hard to be a mom!" ❤️

Bouncing into the weekend like... 💪 Meet us for BODY BACK BOOST tomorrow morning 7am at Rio! Bringing the family? Meet us at 9 for Stroller Strides at Kentlands-Lakelands (no Rio class!) followed by Pivotal Play Soccer Training playgroup at 10!

We believe in the POWER OF MOMS. Join us for class - we'd love to have you! 9:30am Clarksburg Premium Outlets with Maya {playgroup} 9:30am Rio with Dana 9:30a Westfield Wheaton with Adrienne

THIS 👇👇👇 Double up that cardio + meet us for BODY BACK! *7:30pm at Lakelands-Kentlands + Wheaton Rescue Squad *5:30am tomorrow at Rio 📸 via Reese Witherspoon

Happy, smiling, lunging mamas! Meet us for a Stroller class today 🙌 9:15a Stroller Strides at Westfield Montgomery {playgroup} 9:30a Stroller Strides at Arora Hills 9:30a Stroller Strides at Downtown Silver Spring 10a Stroller Barre at Kentlands {playgroup} Please bring #allthegear for your specific class + register in advance 😎

SO, mama. It's only August. Yes, you have plenty of time for back to school shopping, classroom wish list items and organizing. But, September will be here before you know it, so why not get ahead on all that planning? FIT4MOM has rounded up their favorite back to school tips + hacks for you! Check them out here: https://www.pinterest.com/FIT4MOM/back-to-school-tips/?utm_campaign=Monthly%20Social%20Media%20Email%2C%20Franchisees&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=54123016&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-_fAWxDzP_KZKylaoc8VFXystTiUfUqnPs2JrTT6Bq7HWSKp0OpBkONZ8Htw-jXKV82r4_77ZI7NhvGPdnwHdB1hu8Bnvh-2vvqBa7iN8gThxoMM0Y&_hsmi=54123016

August MNO: A night out at the new Pinstripes at Pike + Rose!

August MNO: A night out at the new Pinstripes at Pike + Rose!

Let's get our BOWL + DRINK on! We love Pike + Rose, and can't wait to check out their newest addition - Pinstripes! *Easy garage parking right there. Your $15 flat rate includes (whether you bowl or come to hang): 2 rounds of Bowling 1st round of drinks Pizza + Assorted Flatbreads *Booking Incentive for Kids Parties* They also have a late night happy hour menu should we choose to stay + hang! Please RSVP below.

We can't wait to see you TONIGHT!!

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