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April MOM 2023 - Motivating Mom of the Month

We are so excited to announce our MOM (Motivating Mom of the Month) for April! Each month we will take a moment to honor one of our local mamas at FIT4MOM Montgomery + Frederick Counties. We want to highlight her efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle and for her dedication to the program. This month we honor....Rachel Stalcup!

I’ve known Rachel for quite some time, we’ve done Body Back/Well sessions, early morning workouts and run club together. She is a joy to have in class, once in the groove she is determined, works hard and stays committed. Always smiling, no matter how hard the exercise is! I love to hear stories about her chickens and I’m always jealous of her fresh picked eggs. ~ Instructor Ewa


We asked Rachel a few questions so we can all get to know her better, and here is what she had to say:

Who are the members of your family?

My husband Travis, our two kiddos Lorraine (9) and Willa (8), and our au pair Ariane who comes from Brazil. We also have two cats and seven backyard chickens.

What is your hometown, and where do you live now?

I am from the South Side of Chicago and now live in the Aspen Hill area of Rockville, MD.

What is/was your career?

I am a nonprofit professional and have worked as a fundraiser for the last 15 years.

What is the furthest place you've been from home?

I lived in Cairo, Egypt for a summer in 2007.

What is your favorite thing to do as a family?

On Fridays, we make the living room into a cozy pallet with blankets and stuffies, eat popcorn, and watch a movie. We also like to go camping as a family.

Favorite thing to watch on TV?

I favor comedy and dark comedy. I rewatch episodes of “30 Rock” pretty regularly but recently enjoyed a limited series called “Bad Sisters” that I found very entertaining, and I am excited for the last season of “Succession.”

Your favorite song or artist?

I like all the sounds from WTMD, a local public radio station in Towson.

List 3 of your favorite things or places.

Chocolate, traveling, and taking care of my animals.

Your proudest moment.

Training for and finishing two virtual half marathons during the pandemic.

Any advice for other moms out there?

When my kids were both babies (15 months apart!), and I was overwhelmed with the job of motherhood, I remember someone saying to me that one day the kids will come downstairs showered and with their pajamas on all by themselves. In the throes of caring for two babies, I didn’t believe it - that day seemed SO far off. And now here I am with a second grader and fourth grader, and indeed they can do so many things by themselves. Now they need me for different and equally important reasons. This really is the “longest shortest time” of our lives but I hope we can all take time to relish what awesome kids we are raising, honor their growing independence, and be proud of the examples we are setting for them.

When was your first class with FIT4MOM, and what made you go?

In early 2018, I was looking for a way to get back into a formal fitness routine and my friend Rosemary Wilson invited me to a 5:30 AM class at Two Left Feet Studio in Gaithersburg. I thought, sure I’ll go, but I’ll never be able to stick to that kind of schedule. Ewa did an 80s HIIT class and I was hooked and signed up that week!

What is your favorite F4M MOCO + FREDERICK class?

HIIT classes are my go-to class.

Favorite exercise?

You will think I’m lying, but I like burpees. I feel like a bada$$ after a class full of burpees.

How has FIT4MOM changed your life?

I’ve adopted healthy habits as a result of Fit4MOM. Body Well sessions have inspired me to drink more water and pay attention to how I treat my body - balancing sleep, nutrition, and exercise. Meditations at every class have helped me be more mindful of how I approach motherhood, and to give myself grace if I am feeling out of balance.

What is your favorite thing about F4M MOCO + FREDERICK?

My favorite thing about Fit4MOM is that I know I’m going into a supportive environment where the people around me “get it” - the instructors and the other class participants know what motherhood is, the ups and downs, the energy it requires, and most of all that taking time to work out together is a way we can ensure we have what we need to then care for our families.

April Extras:

Favorite flower?


Best local spot for family photos?

-Can’t go wrong with Brookside Gardens!

Your favorite way to spend a rainy day?

-I like to bake with the kids - banana muffins (extra chocolate chips) are usually on the menu on a rainy day.

Tell us about your most memorable spring break!

-Last year we took the kids to Paris, France. My little one is in a French immersion program and they were able to use their French to help us navigate the city. We saw the popular sights and stopped at lots of cafes to drink my kids’ new favorite drink, l’Orangina. We surprised the kids by ending the trip at Disneyland Paris.


Thank you so much, Rachel for being such a valuable part of Our Village here at FIT4MOM Montgomery + Frederick Counties! We truly appreciate you & the positive energy you bring to class and Our Village!

Check back to see who our next MOM will be in May!