Halloween Week Events!

Halloween is right around the corner, and who doesn't love an excuse to use those costumes more than once?!

We hope to see you (& maybe even your little ghosts and goblins) next week! Check out the line up and enjoy the photo stroll down memory lane!

Please note: photos showing close contact are from previous years and do not reflect our current social-distancing standards.


Tuesday, Oct 27 (Clarksburg):

Musical Monsters! We will be celebrating Halloween socially distanced style after Stroller Strides class in Clarksburg. Please bring a treat of any kind to share, about 15, and have kids dress up! After class kids will be able to participate in a mini- workout and Halloween celebration! Can’t wait to see everyone!


Wednesday, Oct 28 (DTSS):

A note from Alice - I invite moms and kiddos to dress up for a Halloween themed class in Downtown Silver Spring at 9:30a! If you can't safely workout in your costume maybe throw on a pumpkin t-shirt or something black?

Immediately after class or 10:30 if you can't make it to class class - Class will end in Veterans plaza and after a few minutes of allowing everyone to get into or fix up their costume we will have a Mommy and Me March with Halloween music to Starbucks on Ellsworth.

Want to share a festive treat? There will be goodie bags for each kiddo to take home. Feel free to bring something to add to the goodie bags. They will be given out once we return to Veterans Plaza.


Wednesday, Oct 28 (RIO)

Dress yourself and your little one up in costume for our Wednesday morning strides class at RIO.

After class, we'll do a little costume parade and a stroll-or-treat from stroller to stroller. Please bring individually-wrapped goodies (can be edible or non) if you'd like to participate in the activity!


Thursday, Oct 29 (Clarksburg)

Bring Your Own Pumpkin (BYOP)! Bring your own medium-sized pumpkin to 360 to add a little extra oomph and festive fun into our class! We'll make sure to use them for our speed-agility-quickness drills and our active recovery portions of class, too! Don't worry, you won't have to carry them for the out & backs.....although doesn't that sound like a tempting idea! :)


Friday, Oct 30 (RIO + Montgomery Mall)

Bring Your Own Pumpkin (BYOP)! You know all of those pumpkins you've been stocking up on this fall? We're really going to put them to good use the next few days! For both Boost and Strides on Friday, we will be using pumpkins as part of the workout! We recommend small to medium sized pumpkins for these workouts!

Want to dress up your sweet little pumpkin for class? Bring them to Stroller Strides in costume, and they'll do a little parade after class!

Take & Make Craft: We'll have a fun Halloween craft kit at Strides ready for you to take home and create! We can't wait to see photos of your finished festive projects!

Saturday, Oct 31 (RIO)

Bring Your Own Pumpkin (BYOP)! Bring your own pumpkin for this fun and challenging festive class to kick off your Halloween right! We'd recommend a medium-sized pumpkin for this workout; the heavier the pumpkin, the more challenging the strength work!


Saturday, Oct 31 (Montgomery Mall):

A note from Courtland: Mamas and kiddos, please join me in your best costume for a fun Halloween themed barre class! After class we will have a socially distanced costume parade for the kids to show off their outfits followed by “parking space trick or treating." Please bring individually wrapped candy or goodies and we will place them at the front of each distanced parking spot for everyone to enjoy :)

Can’t wait to see what everyone will be dressed as!

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