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Instructor Spotlight!

We have an amazing, dedicated and talented team of instructors and playgroup captains here at FIT4MOM Montgomery County, and I thought it would be nice if we could get to know a little more about each one of them. So....I'm excited to announce that beginning this month, I'll choose a team member to spotlight each month, and this month we'll put the spotlight on Claire Barry.

I first met Claire in 2012 at my very first Stroller Strides class (hello, White Flint!). She was incredibly welcoming and encouraging even then, before she ever became an instructor. Little did I know that she would be the wonderful instructor she is, let alone on my team. She's always been so positive, easy to approach, and so down to earth. She's a great listener, teaches a killer (always creative!) class, and is a great friend. Most importantly, she's an awesome mom to Sylvia and Hazel. If you haven't had the opportunity to take one of Claire's classes, I suggest you check the schedule and go! You won't be disappointed. :)

Read on to get to know more about Claire and her time with FIT4MOMMOCO...

1. Who are the members of your family?

My husband of 8 years, Matt, our two little girls, Sylvia age 5 and Hazel age 2, and a schnauzer mix named Ivy.

2. Where do you typically teach?

I taught almost exclusively at Wheaton Mall during the school year because of preschool drop off but I am excited to be teaching in a variety of spots this summer! I might be coming to a location near you this Fall!

3. Tell us your story about how/why you became an instructor for FIT4MOM Montgomery County.

After coming to class for about a year at White Flint Mall and really loving it, Dana mentioned to me that I should consider becoming an instructor. I was thrilled and went through training the next time it was offered nearby! Stroller Strides had been so beneficial to me for getting in shape, building strength, and finding a much-needed routine for my week.

4. What is your favorite thing to teach?

I really like teaching stations that are games- like Red Light, Green Light or Duck, Duck, Goose, or the Blob game. Things where you might see some smiles from moms and kiddos!

5. What is the BEST thing about being an instructor?

Meeting so many cool people! I am normally a quiet, somewhat socially inept person but being an instructor puts me in a role to be more outgoing and chatty, which has been a great experience and allowed me to meet lots of great mom friends.

6. What is your WHY? Why do you keep doing what you do?

Having a part of my life that is more professional has helped me find balance as a stay-at-home mom and is a major WHY for me. Being an instructor has offered me opportunities to learn new things about health and fitness, feel informed on topics outside of parenting, and widen my view of life. One of the things that keeps me going is having new moms at class. I feel so invigorated when I see first time moms find Stroller Strides classes and discover all that Fit4Mom can offer them!

7. What is a fun fact that many may not know about you?

I used to be obsessed with the show So You Think You Can Dance and saw them when they went on tour... twice. One time I wore a shirt that I had made which said "Sabra Tooth Tiger" with a picture of a tiger with Sabra's head on top.

8. Anything else you'd like Our Village to know?

Don't judge yourself too harshly. I am still working on this but we all need to be kinder to ourselves and let go of the mommy guilt. My kids won't be ruined by one day of too much processed food or TV. They can eat broccoli and practice letter sounds tomorrow... or not :)

Claire, thank you for being such a dedicated member of this team! I appreciate you, and so happy you're part of this village!

Check back next month for our next spotlight!

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