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Team Spotlight - April 2017!

We have an amazing, dedicated and talented team of instructors and playgroup captains here at FIT4MOM Montgomery County, and I thought it would be nice if we could get to know a little more about each one of them. I'm excited to continue our spotlight this month with....Adrienne Settles!

I remember Adrienne's first few classes like they were yesterday! From the very beginning Adrienne always brought her contagious smile with her, and I always loved the energy she brought to my classes! When I became the owner of FIT4MOM Montgomery County I had a vision for what I wanted playgroups and Our Village to be...and I knew that I wanted her to be part of it! While Adrienne is an amazing Playgroup Captain (and now instructor! yahoo!), she's always done so much more than what you actually see from the outside. She's been a sounding board for me, someone who I know will understand and support my crazy ideas, and I cannot express how thankful I am for her! Adrienne talked about wanting to become an instructor for years, and how lucky are we that she was able to go through training and join our team finally (the answer is SUPER lucky!)?! If you haven't been to one of Adrienne's playgroups or classes, you can find her in Silver Spring and Wheaton multiple days of the week! Thank you for everything you bring to FIT4MOMMOCO, Adrienne! You are an asset to this team, and I'm honored to work with you and call you a friend! xo, Heather

Read on to get to know more about Adrienne and her time with FIT4MOMMOCO...

1. Who are the members of your family?

My awesome hubby, Brandon, and my two wonderful kiddos,Alexander (5) & Casey (2).

2. Where do you typically teach?

Westfield Wheaton Mall on Wednesdays+Fridays and Montgomery Mall or The Rio some Saturdays.

3. Tell us your story about how/why you became an instructor for FIT4MOM Montgomery County.

I first started Stroller Strides when my son was 11 months old. I instantly fell in love with the workouts and I told my husband that my goal was to become strong and fit enough to apply to be an instructor in a year. Well then life happened, haha, and fast forward about 2 years and we decided to have another baby. So, I decided to wait on the instructor side and became playgroup captain. I really love being playgroup captain but I knew that I still wanted to eventually become an instructor. So after Casey was 1, I knew it was time. It took a few months for me to apply but I am so happy I did. I couldn’t imagine my life without it!!

4. What is your favorite thing to teach?

I love lower body and cardio workouts. Lunges and squats are two of my favorites and also stairs and timed drills. I also love planks or any plank variation (as the clients that come to my class know pretty well haha), its a great way to strengthen your core and it works almost all of the muscles in your body at the same time.

5. What is the BEST thing about being an instructor?

There are so many GREAT things about being an instructor its hard to chose just one. I absolutely LOVE my Fit4Mom team and working with them is so inspirational. I am always learning new ways to improve my classes and to keep them fun while making sure you get a good workout. I also like helping my fellow moms learn how strong they are. A HUGE plus is getting to hold and snuggle so many cute and tiny babies. Lastly, I really love that my kids get to see me not only exercising, but enjoying myself while I’m doing it. We always say kids are great imitators so I’m happy that I can give them something positive to imitate.

6. What is your WHY? Why do you keep doing what you do?

I truly LOVE what I do! I am so blessed to be able to say that I love going to “work” each week. I’m also trying to be the best role model I can be for my kids. I want them to grow up knowing that being healthy and exercising isn’t “work” its FUN!!

7. What is a fun fact that many may not know about you?

I am a HUGE, die hard Steeler fan hahaha just kidding most of you already know that. So something you might not know is, all 4 years of high school I was on the crew team and we won 2 Gold medals.

8. Anything else you'd like Our Village to know?

Just that you are all strong amazing moms+women, and if you ever need to be reminded of that you can always give me a call!!

Adrienne, thank you thank you for being such an integral part of this team! I appreciate all you do for all of us here at FIT4MOM Montgomery County!

Check back next month for our next spotlight!

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