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Team Spotlight - March 2023

This month, the spotlight is on....

We have such a crazy amazing, dedicated and talented team of instructors and playgroup captains here at FIT4MOM | MOCO + FREDERICK. I love giving everyone the opportunity to get to know a little more about each one of them, and this month we're going to continue our instructor spotlight with.....Kim Friedman!

Have you ever met someone who just feels like the perfect addition to your life from the start? It seems like Kim just moved here, but it also feels like I've known her for years. Both her FIT4MOM and life experiences made her transition into the instructor role with FIT4MOM | MOCO + FREDERICK team so smooth, and her caring giving generous nature has made getting to know her (and her family) such an honor.

Kim is a fantastic instructor. She creates workouts that meet you where you are and challenge you to reach a little farther. She incorporates the kiddos into her stroller workouts beautifully, and she has a smile that makes your day brighter from the moment she says hello. We are so lucky that Kim's family relocated to this area, and I'm so grateful she reached out and told me a bit about her story.

Now it's your turn to learn a bit more about Kim, her experiences as a mom and as a FIT4MOM franchisee and instructor, and of course about her beautiful family as well. And then if you haven't taken a class with her or gotten to know her just yet, look at the schedule on Pike13, and get yourself registered for one of her upcoming classes! You will not regret it.

xo, Heather

Who are the members of your family?

We are a Military family of four! Myself, my husband Nick, my daughter Amelia is 7 and my son Andrew is 4.


Where can people find you, i.e. what’s your role within FIT4MOM | MOCO + FREDERICK?

You can find me at Rio on Mondays and Fridays at 10am teaching Stroller Strides!


Tell us your {entire} FIT4MOM story!

My FIT4MOM story is pretty long! I first attended Stroller Strides in Philadelphia in 2015 when I was on Maternity Leave with Amelia, on the recommendation of a friend that had been a member in Hawaii. I checked it out and found that one of the locations was less than a mile from where we were living. I was super lonely and felt really isolated as a new Mom. We had moved to Philadelphia less than a year prior so my husband could complete some advanced training. His schedule was insane, and we rarely saw him those few years. I found a great community of moms, many of whom I remain good friends with to this day, and I found a way to exercise without feeling selfish or guilty. I realized that going back to work was not going to be feasible for our family, but I was lucky enough to keep my job as part time, and from home. I continued attending Stroller Strides (and some other classes they offered) with FIT4MOM Philadelphia until we moved away in the summer of 2017, when Amelia was two. We were relocated to the west coast, and one of the first things I did when we were looking for a place to live was to find the local FIT4MOM locations! I started attending classes with FIT4MOM Dupont & Lacey (Washington) in the fall of 2017. That next spring, the owner of FIT4MOM DuPont & Lacey approached to see if I would want to take over the franchise from her, and I immediately agreed! And that very same day, I found out I was pregnant with Andrew! I bought the FIT4MOM DuPont & Lacey Franchise in July 2018, and six month later I had Andrew! I hadn't taught FIT4MOM classes before owning my franchise, but I had experience teaching group fitness which I relied on as I taught the majority of the classes we offered each week! I owned that franchise for four years until this past summer when our family was relocated to Maryland. I am so proud of the four years that I was able to lead and foster an amazing community of moms, especially in an area with a very high military population. When we got to Maryland, I wasn't sure if I was going to get involved with FIT4MOM, thinking I needed a break after being completely immersed for 4 years. I was wrong, I missed it right away, and I knew hat was the best way to meet people in a new place. I started with FIT4MOM MoCo & Frederick as a member thinking I would participate in classes and meet other moms, and that would be that. I quickly realized that I really missed teaching, and I am so glad that I was able to get involved, and have been teaching here since November!


What is your favorite exercise/activity to teach?

I really love squats. I think they are a great intro for someone who is new to exercise, but also fabulous for seasoned professionals. I think squats are accessible for everyone and can be varied to meet individual needs. They're a relatively simple motion, but there are many nuances to improve technique. At basic, squats require no equipment, so can be done anywhere, but can also be advanced and varied to target so many different areas of the lower body! You will ALWAYS find squats in my classes!


What do you love about being part of the #dreamteam?

I love the encouraging and inspiring nature of the #dreamteam. Incredible and accomplished women supporting and uplifting other women. I love being part of such an amazing community.

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How has FIT4MOM or this village helped you?

Before FIT4MOM I was a brand new mom. I was lonely and isolated in a new city, without family or friends close, and a husband that was working constantly. Right away I gained a circle of friends whose situations were similar to mine, and the realization that taking care of myself was not selfish. Now, more than seven years later, I am the person that I am because of, in large part, FIT4MOM. I am a better mom because I know the value of taking care of myself and I am setting the example of a healthy and balanced lifestyle for my kids. I am a better wife because of my abilities to multitask and handle what is thrown at me, and I know that I cannot pour from an empty cup and make the time to fill mine. I am a more confident leader, I believe in myself and I value my ability to think quickly and be adaptable. I am a stronger women because I am surrounded by resilient and confident women that inspire me with their strength every day. I also know that it is okay to not feel this way everyday, and that some days are just hard. And I know that I can lean on those around me on those hard days, and that is not weakness, it is human. I attribute so much for this growth to my time and experience with FIT4MOM.


What’s your why? Why do you keep doing what you do?

FIT4MOM has given me so much. Health, strength, confidence, determination, self love, great friends, and a tremendously supportive and inspiring community. I want to be part of providing some of those things for other people. I understand that motherhood is a difficult journey, and everyone experiences it differently. If I can be the light, the smile or the kind word that brightens someones day, I am so glad. I want new and seasoned moms to feel supported and loved, on the bad days as well as the good! I want moms to know that taking the time to take care of themselves is not selfish, it is incredibly important. I want to be the one that can wiggle the stroller to calm a fussy little one for a few minutes so that a mom can exercise and take care of herself! My background is in sports and exercise, and I love that I can share my passions of these while empowering and supporting other moms!

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What is a fun fact that our village may not already know about you?

You may not know that I was born and grew up in Canada. I became a US citizen after my daughter was born, and both kids and I are dual citizens!

Is there anything else you’d like our village to know?

I want you to know that I am here for you! I want to share in your lows and celebrate in your highs! I don't want you to feel bad or guilty when I grab your stroller so that you can keep going with class! And I really do want you to finish my classes with a smile!

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March Extras!

  • In honor of St. Patrick's Day, what is your favorite green food?

  • My favorite green foods are cucumbers and jalapenos!

  • Beer fan? What’s your favorite?

  • I am not a fan of beer, but I enjoy margaritas or a glass of wine!

  • As we talk about moving back outside, what is your go-to activity after F4M classes?

  • Coffee and a playground! My kiddos know that when we say "SMILE" it's playtime!

  • Best movie of all time has to be…..?

  • A League of their Own. Hands down. Best movie ever!