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Team Spotlight- May 2017

We have an amazing, dedicated and talented team of instructors and playgroup captains here at FIT4MOM Montgomery County, and I thought it would be nice if we could get to know a little more about each one of them. I'm excited to continue our spotlight this month with....Lyndsey Neal!

I vividly remember meeting Lyndsey at Mommy & Me at Rockville Town Square about a year ago. She had just moved to town, and I was SO excited to find out that she already knew about FIT4MOM! Lyndsey and Brynn were an amazing addition to our classes from the get-go, and of course they still are! Lyndsey has a way of spreading such happiness and joy to others around her, and it wasn't long after she joined that I knew she'd be an amazing Playgroup Captain. Since she started, she's come up with countless fun activities, field trips and crafts for us. She loves working with kiddos, and that is evident by how she does so. If you haven't had the opportunity to join her for playgroup, head to Montgomery Mall on a Thursday morning. There's sure to be something fun for your little one(s) and maybe even for you! xo, Heather

Read on to get to know more about Lyndsey and her time with FIT4MOMMOCO...

1. Who are the members of your family?

Corey my husband, Avery Brynn my daughter, and myself :)

2. Where can people find you? Where do you teach/lead playgroup?

You can find me on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Montgomery Mall. I lead playgroup there on Thursdays! I also enjoy Rio and Clarksburg on MWF!

3. Tell us your FIT4MOM story!

My love for FIT4MOM started when we lived in Florida. Brynn was 3 months old and my husband bought me a 10 class pack to the Navarre Beach FIT4MOM workout group. I had no idea what I was stepping into. I instantly loved it and drove 45 minutes there and back multiple times a week to get my workout on and be a part of a special group of moms. When I found out the Navy was moving us to Bethesda the first thing I checked for was FIT4MOM. I actually met Heather at a Mommy and Me event in July a few days after we moved. Right away I felt her genuine love for what she does, and it really got me excited for this new chapter in my life. My first class was at Rio with Heather and I'm pretty sure I thought I was going to die running sprints on the hill! My legs were so sore when I woke up the next day but I drug myself out of bed and to Montgomery Mall for one of Ewa's workouts which of course kicked my butt too! After rounding out my week with another Rio workout Friday I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to move for a few days. Needless to say I came back Monday even more excited to get my workout on and make some truly amazing friends. I will be forever thankful to FIT4MOM for helping me shed 60 pounds of baby weight, and motivating me to get into the best shape of my life!

4. What is your favorite thing to teach/do with our kiddos and/or moms?

I am a teacher and coach so I love any crafts that involve the kids learning something new or doing something they haven't ever done before. It can be something as simple as learning how to paint with a paintbrush or folding a Newspaper hat. Seeing their eyes light up when they finish is my favorite!

5. What is the BEST thing about being a playgroup captain?

There are so many great things about being a playgroup captain! I would say the best thing is getting to work with other moms who are creative and fun loving. We enjoy what we do and love making it as much fun as possible!

6. What is your WHY? Why do you keep doing what you do?

She is my reason. My daughter, my bright eyed, silly, loving, sometimes grumpy almost two year old is my reason for everything. I know, I know it's such a mom thing to say right? Since giving birth to my daughter she has made me on many days feel super human. Her first 4 days of life I slept about 6 hours total holding her little hand while she basked under the blue lights at the hospital because she was so jaundiced. In those moments I told myself I was going to be the best for her. I was going to love her unconditionally, teach her everything I could and then some, and show her what being a selfless, strong woman was all about. That included exposing her to as many fun loving baby friends as I could, reading, playing, staying fit, and crafting away with her. I realized that FIT4MOM was perfect for the both of us and haven't skipped a beat since!

7. What is a fun fact that many may not know about you?

I used to coach a swim team and softball team back in the day!

8. Anything else you'd like Our Village to know?

Each and every one of you is special in your own way and it's refreshing to be surrounded by so many amazing moms every day. We are all different, and that's what makes OUR village #1!

Lyndsey, thank you thank you for being such an integral part of this team! I appreciate all you do for all of us here at FIT4MOM Montgomery County!

Check back next month for our next spotlight!

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