Team Spotlight - October 2022

This month, the spotlight is on....

We have such a crazy amazing, dedicated and talented team of instructors and playgroup captains here at FIT4MOM | MOCO + FREDERICK. I love giving everyone the opportunity to get to know a little more about each one of them, and this month we're going to continue our instructor spotlight with.....Jessie Gilbertsen!

Jessie is seriously one of a kind. She is kind, empathetic, and when there's a task that needs to be completed behind the scenes, she is constantly stepping up to help. Jessie is easy to talk to (I mean, have you had the opportunity to chat with her at a class or event? If not, you definitely should seek her out!), she's a fantastic writer, and she genuinely cares about you, our village, and teammates. She exudes what we believe in at FIT4MOM, and I can't even begin to describe how thankful I am for her and for everything she does for FIT4MOM | MOCO + FREDERICK and even for me personally!

Take a few minutes to learn a little more about Jessie by reading on, and then go out and find a class of hers to take. Since she also teaches virtually, you can easily pop into one of her classes no matter where you live! I can vouch for Jessie's love of travel planning (and really planning in general - it's a talent of hers). Don't know what I'm talking about? Read on, and then you will! And don't miss our monthly extras that we've added to the end as well!

Thanks for all you do, Jessie!

xo, Heather

Who are the members of your family?

Myself, my husband Eric (married 16 years next month!); Grant (12); Audrey (9); and Owen (6)


Where can people find you, i.e. what’s your role within FIT4MOM | MOCO + FREDERICK?

I am the Instructor Development Manager and I love teaching all the formats! I am currently teaching Barre at Pike & Rose and Cabin John Village; Thursday night Ignite at Cabin John Village; and virtual Express 360 on Wednesday mornings.


Tell us your {entire} FIT4MOM story!

Get ready, this is a long one…I was first exposed to FIT4MOM before I was even pregnant or ready for my own kids! I went to visit a friend in San Diego a few months after she had a baby and she talked nonstop about this great workout and all of these mom friends she was meeting. So we went to a Stroller Strides class together and I couldn’t believe that you could bring kids and get such a great workout at the same time! Fast forward about 18 months later, and I had a newborn and immediately joined FIT4MOM in Alexandria, VA, where we lived at the time.

After we moved to Maryland and Owen was born, I immediately attended my first stroller class at Montgomery Mall with this amazing franchise. I was hooked and never looked back!

Once Audrey went to kindergarten, I decided I needed more distractions during class and talked to Heather about becoming an instructor. I’m an introvert and it was a huge challenge for me, but it gives me back so much in return. I love teaching and learning new things in every class and every training. When the Manager position opened, I was so excited to become even more involved in FIT4MOM and literally make a job out of learning more about instructing and exercise.


What is your favorite exercise/activity to teach?

I love a good plie squat. Especially if we add some calf raises, holding, and pulsing. Such a good burn!

Screen Shot 2022-10-19 at 1.57.52 PM.png

What do you love about being part of the #dreamteam?

I love being a part of something that is bigger than us and truly impacts our communities. This is a very special group of women that do not compete with each other, and really root for each other and everyone in our Village (and hold each other up when necessary).


How has FIT4MOM or this village helped you during such unusual times?

I really leaned into FIT4MOM during the pandemic. It gave me a sense of purpose and community that is so important at all times, but especially when we were frightened and isolated. Just showing up at a specific time and chatting with others on Zoom was so comforting. And of course I was able to get amazing workouts in throughout the pandemic which was so good for my mental health. And seeing everyone in person and having a sense of normalcy again just makes me more excited to continue this FIT4MOM journey.

Jessie Marg.jpg

What’s your why? Why do you keep doing what you do?

The selfish answer is that I mostly do it for myself;) I love working out and FIT4MOM provides all of the killer workouts, but also the community that you truly can’t find elsewhere. Instructing challenges me daily, but in that really great way where your brain is working and you are constantly striving to improve. I love putting together class plans, working on more effective cueing, and brainstorming how I can reach more moms. I am a better and more patient mom after I’ve worked out and taken care of me. And I love the fact that my kids see me taking care of myself and getting stronger.

I love the relationships I’ve developed through FIT4MOM and the potential impact I can make on other moms. You see moms getting stronger and more confident and knowing you have played a small role in that is truly priceless. I hope that one day I will be that grandma or great-grandma still teaching all the moms!


What is a fun fact that our village may not already know about you?

I am obsessed with travel. I love planning trips way in advance–it gives me lots of time to plan all the best stuff and to be excited! It drives my husband a little nuts since I always need the next trip (preferably international) on the horizon. While I’ve done a lot of great personal travel, I used to travel a lot when I worked at the State Department. That was a different kind of travel–lots of military escorts, helicopter rides, and some not so glamorous locations–but so exciting!


Is there anything else you’d like our village to know?

Just know that the entire FIT4MOM team is here for you. Maybe you haven’t been to class in a while, maybe your kid is going through a rough phase, or maybe you haven’t slept or washed your hair in 3 years–come to class! I promise it will make you feel better, both the workout and the connections with other moms. We’ve all been there and we truly want to see you, regardless of your age and stage in motherhood!


October Extras!

Yummiest Halloween treat?

I love pretty much anything chocolate. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate with peanut butter, I'll take it!

Favorite spot to see fall foliage?

My favorite spot is around the Shenandoah, especially the Charlottesville area. I love to combine some fall foliage hiking with some winery visits! My next favorite spot is my own neighborhood. We have soooo many trees (which is a real pain when it comes to raking or paying for tree work), but it's beautiful in the fall when the leaves change and in the spring and summer when it is so green and lush.

What was your most creative Halloween costume?

I am not a creative Halloween person! I am either Wonder Woman or a panda every year. But for the past few years my husband has come up with a costume at the very last minute and the kids and I always look forward to his creativity. Two years ago he was a bather--literally a person that just came out of the shower or bath. He wore a robe, shower cap, and carried shampoo;) Last year he was me for Halloween--he wore some baggy pajamas of mine that looked like workout clothes on him...


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