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Current COVID Procedures In Place

To ensure the safety of your families as well as our FIT4MOM Montgomery + Frederick Counties Team, we will be implementing the following precautions in accordance with both our local + state mandates:

  1. Class size will be limited, based on local and state regulations. Currently no more than 50 people may be together in an outdoor gathering, so we will allow up to 20 participants in our classes. This number may be adjusted as guidelines are updated, and as the size of each location allows space for adequate social distancing during classes.
  2. You MUST pre-register for class. If you cannot attend a class you are registered for, please cancel your enrollment at least one hour in advance so that a mama from the waitlist will be notified that a spot is available for her. We are all moms, and we understand that the motherhood is very real and often unpredictable. No shows will result in a $10 charge, as class numbers are of utmost importance during this time. Classes with zero enrollment one hour prior to class time will be canceled.
  3. We will use cones/chalk to show safely separated spaces for mom/strollers during warm-up and will not share equipment or engage in partner exercises.
  4. All children must stay in their strollers for the duration of the class. There will be no sharing of snacks/toys/etc.
  5. Each mom must bring her own equipment - if you do not have a band, mini band or core ball (and want one), you can either purchase from your instructor on site or she will give you modifications to do the move without equipment.
  6. Each household will be responsible for performing a health check prior to leaving for class (check temperatures/evaluation, no individual in the household has any symptoms of illness). If any member of your household has any symptoms of illness, we expect you to stay home.
  7. Each staff member will be responsible for performing a health check prior to leaving for class (check temperatures/evaluation, no individual in the household has any symptoms of illness).
  8. Masks are now optional during your workout as long as 6-10' social distance is kept between family entities. Please always have a mask with you for times you may not be able to maintain distance, and please know that not all people are comfortable being without a mask during class. And that is ok!
  9. FIT4MOM Montgomery + Frederick County classes will end promptly at their scheduled times. Should you choose to stay at the location after the workout is complete, this is your individual choice and you understanding the above accommodations may not be enforced/observed by a team member.
  10. In the event of precipitation, workouts without available coverings will be canceled. There are several virtual options available each day for monthly members that we will default to in the case of bad weather.
  11. We will remain outdoors for as much of the year as possible. If you would like ideas on how to dress appropriately for the weather or need ideas on how to keep children warm during cold weather or cool during warm weather, please ask. We have many seasoned mamas willing to share their favorite tips and gear with you!

We appreciate and understand everyone's efforts to be healthy and cautious at this time. We respect and welcome every mom, and our goal is to make sure every mom feels safe + comfortable in our classes. We ask that all moms are respectful of one another and of individual comfort levels during this challenging time.

Should you have any questions or concerns about our process please let us know. We look forward to seeing you in-person (or virtually) for classes!