August Schedules

Check out the class schedules and playgroup calendars for August!

Be sure to check Pike13 when you register for classes. We have some changes in the schedule over the summer, and we wouldn't want you to miss out on new and different class options!

....and be on the lookout for our fall schedules, which will be released for all to see in the {very} near future! We are VERRRRRRRY excited about the things to come!

Class Schedule by Location


Our Village Playgroups + Extra Fun!

Our playgroup captains have so many fun activities planned for you and your little ones this month! Check out the calendar and scroll down for specific activities planned by location!

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Playgroup Schedule by Location

Playgroup Activities by Location -- August 2019

August 2019 Playgroup Crafts

Chevy Chase:

8/7: Clay critters

8/14: Cupcakes and coffee for Kirwan’s bday

8/21: Summer sensory bin

8/28: Chevy Chase spray ground

Clarksburg Arora Hills:

8/1: Turtle craft

8/8: Beach ball

8/15: Splash pad

8/22: Popsicles

8/29: Kinetic sand play

Clarksburg Outlets:

8/2: Playdoh and iced coffee

8/9: Water play date at my place

8/16: Citrus fruit painting or field trip to Montgomery County Fair

8/23: Lemonade craft and drink

8/30: Bring a favorite book to read and share (National Book Festival weekend)


8/1: Tissue paper turtle

8/8: Sand necklaces

8/15: Bubbles + a treat

8/22: Kids play gallery

8/29: Pinwheels

Montgomery Mall:

8/1: Crab paper circle craft

8/8: Coffee + fruit loop rainbows

8/15: TBD

8/22: Egg Carton Caterpillar

8/29: End of summer themed playgroup with popsicles and toys

Pike and Rose:

8/5: Coffee and treats + fountain fun

8/12: Watermelon paper craft

8/19: Flip flop craft

8/26: Splash at Rockville Town Center

Rio Washingtonian:

8/7: Paper Plate Beach Ball

8/14: Muffins and Iced Coffee

8/21: Carousel Kids Field Trip

8/28: Ice cream in a bag

Silver Spring:

8/6: Coffee and cupcakes

8/13: Flip flop foot prints

8/20: Tissue paper apples

8/27: Egg carton turtles

Wheaton Mall:

8/2: Popsicle craft

8/9: Toilet paper roll birds

8/16: Mermaid coloring pages and graham crackers

8/23: Make Jellyfish

8/30: Egg crate bees