FIT4MOM Race for Every Child 5K

FIT4MOM Races for Every Child!

You may already know it -- FIT4MOM Montgomery County is proud to be part of the annual Race for Every Child 5K! But here's my family's story and how FIT4MOM ended up involved the way we are.


How it started...

In the fall of 2013, Tony and I were at Children's National with Lily (our 2nd born) as she recovered from major surgery. She was born with left coronal craniosynostosis, meaning two of the plates in her skull were fused together prematurely. Of course we didn't want to spend a week at Children's National when she was almost 6 months old, but after the wonderful experience we had during that very difficult time....I feel so blessed that we had a facility available to us with such high quality care. The teams of medical professionals who worked with Lily and our family were truly incredible. The nurses, the doctors, the surgeons, the PICU team, the neuro and plastics teams, the blood donation center...we worked with (so) many who shared such common traits. They were caring. Soothing. Understanding. Patient. Positive and energetic. They were everything we needed during that time, and we still cannot thank them enough.

She's one STRONG girl. ❤️

Here's a little glimpse into our week-long stay at Children's. It's insane how quickly our little ones can heal!

  • Lily After Surgery
  • Mommy and Lily
  • Swollen but still happy
  • Visiting her sister
  • Grandma Snuggles
  • Peacefully Recovering
  • Gifts from Family
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • 7 Days Post Surgery

The Race

During Lily's recovery and our stay, the hospital was gearing up for their first ever Race for Every Child 5K. There were signs all over the hospital, people talking about it, announcements being made about this inaugural event. While Tony and I loved to run (we did get engaged at the finish line of a half marathon after all), of course there was no possibility of us leaving then to participate. So it was that week that I made the decision to never sit in that hospital during the race again if I could help it. We wouldn't be sitting in the hospital next time. Nope. We would participate in the next race. For Lily. For other children like Lily. For children and families who are so deserving of the same wonderful care & support we received. Because let's face it: nobody wants to be told their child needs any type of surgery or treatment, but if you are - you want the BEST care possible.

So that's what I did. In my first month of franchise ownership, I launched my own run club program so that we could train for the 2nd annual Race for Every Child.

Team FIT4MOM Montgomery County

The first Team FIT4MOM Montgomery County at Race for Every Child in 2014

Run Club at Race for Every Child

Each year since 2014, our #fit4mommoco run club has trained and prepared for the Race for Every Child 5K. Our run club has grown from 4 moms and one coach (me!) that first session to 4 {dedicated and brilliant} coaches who love training moms to run races of all distances - 5K, 10K and half marathons - and a team as large as 154 people attending the Race for Every Child in October of 2018! Our families love this race, and the kids and adults alike look forward to it each year!

Run Club at Race for Every Child in 2018

Race for Every Child 2018

So why should YOU join us this year?

There are SO many reasons we think you should join us on Team FIT4MOM Montgomery County, but here are just a few:

  • SO many of us have stories and connections to Children's National. - Race for your family. For families within our village who also have experiences in or with the hospital. For families who are currently facing challenges and are in the care of Children's. Race for the children and for the families of FIT4MOM (and everywhere).
  • Race to create awareness of the work Children's does within our community. Race WITH your community FOR the community. And come have fun participating in the warm-up, lead by your team of instructors, at the start of the race!
  • It is SO. MUCH. FUN! If you're going to go into the city for a family race experience, this is it! You'll have a great time, and so will your kiddos! There's a Kids Dash afterward where the little ones can race and get medals from superheroes, Dr. Bear, and/or princesses, and then there's a whole slew of activities for them afterward. The children remember this race and look forward to it every year!
Race Buddies

Ready to join us?!

Of course you are! Sign up the entire family + grab your team shirts. October 19th is sure to be a fun day together! We can't wait to spend the morning with you!

Use coupon code FIT4MOM19 at checkout for $5 off each race entry (consider donating that savings or more after you sign up if you'd like!).

Race for Every Child 2019 (1).png

We're excited to continue participating in The Race for Every Child each year. Scroll through to see some photos of Lily and Team FIT4MOM Montgomery County through the years.

Have a story about your experience with Children's National or the race that you'd like to share too? We'd love to feature your story on our blog as well. Simply email me:

  • Lily's First Kids Dash!
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  • Silly Lily
  • Race for Every Child 2016
  • Lily and friends
  • The Dreamteam Getting Ready
  • Team FIT4MOM Montgomery County
  • Race for Every Child 2017
  • Run Club at Race for Every Child
  • My Girls
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Team FIT4MOM Montgomery County

Team FIT4MOM Montgomery County 2017


Team FIT4MOM Montgomery County 2015