June Schedules

Stroller Strides + Stroller Barre Schedule

Reminder: please make sure to always register for classes on Pike13 in advance so you get any notifications if SS +/or SB class needs to move indoors for heavy rains or storms.

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Body Back, 360, + Fit4Baby

Be sure to check Pike13 when you register for classes. We have changes in the schedule over the summer, and we wouldn't want you to miss out on new and different classes!

June BB 360 Fit4baby

Our Village Playgroups + Extra fun!

Our playgroup captains have so many fun activities planned for you and your little ones this month! Check out the calendar and scroll down for specific activities planned by location! Don't forget to join us for our 4th Annual FIT4MOMMOCO Family Picnic on June 30!

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Playgroup Activities by Location

June 2019 Playgroup Crafts

Chevy Chase:

This playgroup will meet every Friday and more crafts will be posted soon!

Clarksburg Arora Hills:

6/6: Trace your body on paper

6/13: Father’s Day craft

6/20: Plate umbrellas

6/27: Muffins and coffee

Clarksburg Outlets:

6/7: Nature scavenger hunt with picnic lunch

6/14: Ice cream cone craft

6/21: Iced coffee and playdoh

6/28: 4th of July tie dye tanks


6/6: My Gym

6/13: Father’s Day Hand Prints

6/20: Paper Air Planes

6/27: Snacks + Coloring

Montgomery Mall:

6/6: Father's day popsicle card

6/13: Congressional plaza

6/20: Butterfly fruity pebbles bag

6/27: Playdough and toys

Pike and Rose:

6/3: Coffee and splash pad

6/10: Father's day popsicle card

6/17: Playtime at The Beach and cookies

6/24: Watermelon craft

Rio Washingtonian:

6/5: Strawberry Picking @ Butler’s Orchard (no charge admission Wednesday)

6/12: Father’s Day Craft

6/19: Snacks + Bubbles

6/26: Carousel Kids

Silver Spring:

6/4: Celery fish stamping

6/11: Salt dough Father's day hand prints

6/18: Firefly sun catcher

6/25: Chalk, bubbles and muffins

Wheaton Mall:

6/7: Trip to North 4 Corners Park playground with snacks

6/14: Flag Day art project

6/21: Symmetrical butterfly prints

6/28: Paper plate watermelon slices