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March 2019 MOM- Motivating Mom of the Month

We are so excited to announce our MOM (Motivating Mom of the Month) for March! Each month we will take a moment to honor one of our local FIT4MOM Montgomery County Moms for her efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle and for her dedication to the program. This month we honor....Tiffany Banks!

Tiffany is INSPIRING! She is an amazing mom to Max. She works hard and fills the room with her energy. I am constantly amazed by her. She manages to balance her fantastic career, motherhood, and fitness with such grace. I LOVE having her in classes. ~ Instructor Andie

Tiffany does it all! She challenges herself and in turn the other moms around her in every class. Her attitude is stellar and she shows up to work hard every time I see her! Her energy and spirit are both truly an inspiration to me as an instructor and a mom. Tiffany makes every space she enters a better place by just being herself! ~ Instructor Lyndsey

Tiffany and Max light up every class they attend. I’ve seen Tiffany’s contagious smile and warm heart turn another mom’s morning around and that’s what this village is about. Not only is she beyond caring but man does she work hard in class. Seeing her and Max in class brightens my morning and I know it does the same for others. Thanks for bringing such amazing energy to everything you do Mama! ~ Instructor Katie H.

We asked Tiffany a few questions so we can all get to know her better, and here is what she had to say:

Who are the members of your family?

The Banks trio consists of me, my husband, Vashawn, and our two-year old son, Maxwell.

What is/was your career?

I am a full-time professor of Communication at Montgomery College. I was recently promoted to Associate Professor just a few weeks ago!

When was your first class, and what do you remember about it?

My first class was in November of 2017. I distinctly remember Katie Henry's warm smile. She instantly made me feel welcome.

Where can we find you? What is your FIT4MOM routine these days?

I frequent classes at the Clarksburg locations most days of the week and Gaithersburg once a week.

What is your favorite strides exercise?

Dancing jumping jacks, of course!

What has being a mom taught you?

Being a mom has taught me to be patient with myself and everyone else around me.

List 3 of your favorite things.

Listening to Max laugh, going for a run/hike, and wine!

Give us a giggle- What is your funniest or most embarrassing mommy moment so far?

There are far too many instances to list. Most recently, I arrived at Stroller Strides wearing my workout pants backwards. I apologize to anyone who witnessed me doing squats that day...

Any advice for other moms out there?

Do one thing for yourself everyday! It doesn't have to be anything monumental--it could be as simple as taking a shower (preferably alone). What is most important, is that you have something that is your own. You are not selfish by doing that thing. You deserve it.

What would you tell someone who is considering attending their first #fit4mommoco class?

Do not hesitate!

Thank you, Tiffany for being such a valuable part of Our Village here at FIT4MOM Montgomery County! We truly appreciate you & the positive energy you bring to class and Our Village!

Check back to see who our MOM will be in April!