May Schedules

Stroller Strides + Stroller Barre Schedule

Reminder: please make sure to always register for classes on Pike13 in advance so you get any notifications if SS +/or SB class needs to move indoors for heavy rains or storms.

stroller schedule_outdoor2019.png

Body Back, 360, + Fit4Baby

Be sure to check Pike13 when you register for classes. We have a few 360 pop-ups coming your way this morning (hello, 6a options!), and we wouldn't want you to miss them!


Our Village Playgroups + Extra fun!

Our playgroup captains have so many fun activities planned for you and your little ones this month! Check out the calendar and scroll down for specific activities planned by location! Don't forget to join us for our {MEGA} Mother's Day Celebration on May 8!


Playgroup Activities by Location

Chevy Chase:

5/1: Handprint kites

5/8: 2nd Annual Mega Mother’s Day Event

5/17: Bird feeders *this is on Friday*

5/22: Sidewalk chalk and muffins

5/29: Chevy chase playground (spray ground should be open after Memorial Day)

Clarksburg Arora Hills:

5/2: Cinco de Mayo maracas

5/9: Mother’s Day finger print

5/16: Dirt cups

5/23: Flower craft

5/30: Basketball court/ playground games

Clarksburg Outlets:

5/3: Bumble bee plate

5/10: Mother’s Day flower wreath

5/17: Playground trip w/iced coffee & scones

5/24: Washi tape rainbow

5/31: Nature walk scavenger hunt


5/2: Cupcake holder flowers

5/9: It's my birthday treats!

5/16: Kids obstacle course

5/23: Contact paper stained glass

5/30: Sidewalk chalk

Montgomery Mall:

5/2: Mother's day and birthday celebration (my kids) with coffee and treats

5/9: Mommy and Me at Congressional Plaza

5/16: Felt owl

5/23: Memorial day wreath

5/30: Washi tape rainbow

Pike and Rose:

5/6: Cinco de Mayo maraca shakers

5/13: Mother’s Day Craft

5/20: Coffee and treats/ coloring and toys

5/27: Playtime at the beach

Rio Washingtonian:

5/1: Mother’s Day finger print picture frames

5/8: 2nd Annual Mega Mothers Day Event!

5/15: Sensory bin play

5/22: Patriotic snack craft/coffee for Moms

5/29: Playground or kidsplay field trip (depending on weather)

Silver Spring:

5/7: Mother's day handprint poem

5/14: Paper flowers

5/21: Patriotic wind sock

5/27: Bird seed cookies

Wheaton Mall:

5/3: Make binoculars with tp rolls

5/10: Handprint flowers for Mother’s Day

5/17: Celebrate Allison’s 3rd Birthday with cupcakes

5/24: Red, white, and blue Memorial Day marble rolling

5/31: Flower wreath