November 2017 MOM-Motivating Mom of the Month

We are so excited to announce our MOM (Motivating Mom of the Month) for November! Each month we will take a moment to honor one of our local FIT4MOM Montgomery County Moms for her efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle and for her dedication to the program. This month we honor Cathrina Gaba!

Cathrina is a ball of sunshine and energy, and she radiates her positivity every time I see her. Her presence in class always brings laughter, smiles, and a good time. Stroller Strides at Montgomery Mall is not the same if she isn’t there!~ Instructor Lyndsey

Cathrina is full of positive energy. Her beautiful smile is contagious! Both her and Jack are always so super happy. From the first day she started coming to SS she was, and still is, fully committed to all workouts! I absolutely love having Cathrina in my classes! ~ Instructor Ewa

Cathrina has made this community her village from day 1! Her generous, warm, fun loving spirit is such a joy to be around! I love seeing her gaining strength and confidence in class!~ Instructor Claire

We asked Cathrina a few questions so we can all get to know her better, and here is what she had to say:

1. Who are the members of your family?

My Husband, Chris & our Baby, Jack (Age 2)

2. What is/was your career?

I recently retired from Corporate America. I worked in Insurance / Retirement / Client Service / Marketing / Communication & Education for almost 15 years. I was the Director of Marketing at The Blue House in Bethesda for a bit. Now I'm taking some time for me – #mommingsohard and publishing my first Children's Book, Mary Sue Ellen Samantha McClue (hoping to be out by Christmas).

3. When was your first class, and what do you remember about it?

I started back in April of this year. I was literally doing Lamaze breathing throughout the whole class. It was ridiculous. Ewa even complimented me on my breathing which now makes me laugh. I remember collapsing into child’s pose by our third station - completely bailing on Joanna during partner work. I’m grateful she hasn’t held that against me and is now one of my dearest friends. I just remember everyone being so warm and welcoming. I signed up to be a monthly member that day.

4. Where can we find you? What is your Fit4Mom routine these days?

Tuesday and Thursday Stroller Strides at Montgomery Mall.

5. What is your favorite strides exercise?

Not Burpees.

6. What has being a mom taught you?

There are not enough Drive-Thru Starbucks locations.

Ok, but seriously - this love, this Mamalove I feel for this little boy, is the purest, most incredible, unconditional love imaginable. I don’t think you actually learn this until you become a mother – like to really understand how much your own Mom loves you. I cherish every moment I get to be Jack’s Mommy. And when it gets really hard – like blow-out mornings, and up at 3 am nights - I hold on to this love so hard and squeeze my baby’s little body so tight and kiss him all over and remind myself that it’s all worth it. It’s so worth it, and nothing else matters. The “problems” you had before this little person came into this world pale in comparison. It puts everything into perspective. As long as he’s OK, it’s OK. It’s a good day.

Oh – and a timer can save your life.

7. List 3 of your favorite things.

1) Music & Movies

2) Cooking & Entertaining

3) Crafting & Creating

… and enjoying these things with my Family & Friends. (preferably at the beach)

8. Give us a giggle- What is your funniest or most embarrassing mommy moment so far?

Ok, so… my little Jack Jack (precocious little bugger that he is) decided to smack the rear end of the woman in front of us in line at Starbucks the other day...

… fortunately she was a kind soul.

(BTW, this is not the first time this has happened.)

9. Any advice for other moms out there?

Oh goodness, I don't feel like I'm qualified to give advice. Google Alfie Kohn. He's my go-to Mad Scientist and Independent Scholar of all things re: Children and Parenting. I guess, I would say: remember to take care of you. It’s that - “put on your oxygen mask first” idea. We must take care of ourselves in order to take care of our babies.

I feel like this is a modified Fit4Mom mantra of sorts, so I can’t take too much credit. I do love this quote too (while I’m stealing advice from others) - "There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one." I will say, from my heart, if someone offers you help, take the help.

10. What would you tell someone who is considering attending their first Fit4Mom MoCo class?

GO MAMA GO! And by that I mean - don't consider it - just go!

Just show up! You will love it! It will change your life!!

It certainly has changed mine.

Thank you, Cathrina, for being such a valuable part of Our Village here at FIT4MOM Montgomery County! We truly appreciate you & the positive energy you bring to class and Our Village!

Check back to see who our MOM will be in December!