Team Spotlight - November 2018

You probably already know this, but we have an amazing, dedicated and talented team of instructors and playgroup captains here at FIT4MOM Montgomery County. I thought it would be nice if you could get to know a little more about each one of them, and I'm excited to continue our spotlight this month with....Rosemary Wilson!

Rosemary has been such a wonderful member of our #dreamteam. Her smile is contagious and I really enjoy classes with her and her two beautiful kiddos. You can always count on her to step up and plan a Mom's Night Out and/or help cover a playgroup even when it's last minute notice. She is a genuinely sweet and caring person and she plans amazing crafts and field trips (like Chick-Fil-A events with free food YUM!) for our kiddos. I am so happy that she is a member of Our Village! ~Adrienne, Our Village Manager & Instructor

I have a pleasure to know Rosemary for quite some time already . I’m so glad she is part of our #dreamteam. Her playgroups are always fun and well organized ! Her smile lights up my Thursday mornings. She is a wonderful mom, great playgroup captain, awesome friend , strong, fun and inspiring! ~Ewa, Instructor

Rosemary is such a wonderful part of this #dreamteam! She goes above and beyond helping us connect with other community organizations and businesses, and whenever we need an extra hand she's willing to jump in! She'll fill in for others, add extra stops on her list of places to go, and she's always smiling while at it. Rosemary, I'm so thankful for you and for all that you do! ~Heather

1. Who are the members of your family?

My family includes my husband Geoff, Tyson (4) and Gemma (2)


2. Where can people find you? Where do you teach/lead playgroup?

I lead playgroup at Montgomery Mall on Thursdays and try to get to DT Silver Spring as often as possible on Tuesdays and Pike and Rose sporadically.

3. Tell us your FIT4MOM story! Yes, the entiiiiiiire thing.

After having Tyson and Gemma I was quite active and ran often. I had other mom friends and kept busy. So when Danielle Shenk told me to try Stroller Strides I thought I didn't "need" it.... When Gemma was 10 months old I realized how much I disliked leaving my kids at the gym child care and how much easier it would be if I could hang out with friends and workout. So I took the plunge and soon thought, "why did I wait so long, this is amazing!" I now know that I needed this village all along and am so grateful to have found it. I started a year ago leading playgroup which was a fun addition since I was an elementary school teacher before having Gemma.


4. What is your favorite thing to do with our kiddos and/or moms?

I love when I find an activity that grabs everyone's attention, which is typically something sensory. Recently I've done a lot of sensory bins which all ages (and moms) seem to love. When the kids are engaged and mostly staying in one spot the moms can all socialize and relax a little. And the best place to make a mess is outside of your own home, am I right?!

5. What is the BEST thing about being a playgroup captain?

I love when, sometimes unexpectedly, an activity grabs almost every kids' attention. It's always interesting to see how each week differs and you never always can predict just what will be a hit. Also I love that I can provide a fun activity for our children that's such a wonderful bonus after a great workout.

Knowing the kids and moms are happy means I did my job.


6. What is your WHY? Why do you keep doing what you do?

I love a great workout and I really love the way it empowers us. It gives me the energy and strength I need to be a full time mom. Being a part of Fit4Mom really fills me up, it brings me so much joy to be surrounded by all these amazing women/ moms. With a recent injury I've not been able to work out as hard and as often, but even just coming for playgroup and seeing everyone there is enough to make my day (and my kids)!

7. What is a fun fact that many may not know about you?

I'm obsessed with podcasts! I reference them constantly because I'm always listening to so many interesting stories. My favorite is The Longest Shortest Time (check it out!) If you ever need a recommendation, let me know

8. Anything else you'd like Our Village to know?

I am amazed at how awesome this group is, so welcoming, full of enthusiasm and empowered. I love being a part of it.


Thank you, Rosemary, for being our spotlight this month! Check back next month to learn more about another member of our #dreamteam here at FIT4MOM Montgomery County!