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The Real Talk Series is BACK!

We are so excited to offer you a series of "Real Talks" again during the month of March. We want to give you the opportunity to learn from experts and get answers to questions that you (& many of us!!!) have about key issues we face in motherhood.

So check out our scheduled Real Talks, and we'll see you there!

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March 9th: Better Sleep for ALL!

The Holistic Guide to Better Sleep for Infants and Toddlers: Much of our parenting advice around sleep relies on outdated ideas about how babies and toddlers should act and sleep, rather than coming from what we know is biologically normal. The emphasis is on controlling behavior, disconnection, and pushing independence-something at odds with many parents’ instincts.

There’s a better way! You can improve sleep for your entire family while focusing on connection and what is biologically normal. Come learn how to understand and support sleep holistically and discover calming, evidence-based information to build your confidence around nighttime parenting and improving sleep for your family.

Kim Hawley, MA, MPH is a Holistic Sleep Consultant and Lactation Counselor, as well as the owner of Intuitive Parenting. Kim is passionate about helping parents confidently navigate nighttime parenting and family sleep using evidenced-based information and parental intuition. Her specialty is virtual, gentle, attachment-based sleep support for breastfeeding families. Kim lives in Capitol Hill, Washington DC with her husband, her two children, and a few animals, including her guide dog. She loves to run, read a good book, eat delicious food, and enjoy a glass of wine or cup of coffee.

Kim will be presenting at 10:45am after Stroller Strides at Wheaton Mall.

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March 19: Preschool Prep

How to pick a preschool! Ready to give your child the opportunity to grow in a school setting? Learn the different types of schools, curriculum, and what to think about when selecting a preschool for your family!

Our fellow Fit4Mom Moco Member, Courtney will be presenting at 10:15am after Stroller Strides at Montgomery Mall (meeting in the Aroma area).

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March 21st: Private Shoe & Bra Fitting

Join us after Run Club on March 21st for a private shoe & bra fitting event at Fleet Feet Sports in the Kentlands. Not part of run club? No problem! Meet us at Fleet Feet around 9:00am, get fitted properly, enjoy some delicious snacks & even enjoy a special FIT4MOM discount when you checkout!

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March 24th: Baby Proofing 101

Wondering when you should start baby proofing your home? How to start? Bring your questions to a post-class “Baby Proofing 101” presentation on March 24th at 10:30am following Stroller Strides in the Breezeway at Ellsworth Place Mall!

Michelle Kauffman, co-owner of Baby Proofing Montgomery, will be joining us to discuss the ins and outs of how to make your home safer for your little ones.

Baby Proofing Montgomery creates safer homes for infants and toddlers. They offer professional childproofing consultations, home assessments, products, and installations. Their objective is to minimize the risk of injury based on the layout of your home and age of your children. They address issues related to staircases, cabinets, drawers, furniture, doors, windows, electrical components, chemicals, and more. When your babies are crawling and exploring, it's time to give them a call.

Baby Proofing Montgomery services the MD, DC, and NOVA region. To learn more, check out and

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March 30th: Restore the Pelvic Floor + Screenings

The Postpartum Body: A discussion about the various aches and pains that may occur after giving birth (including foot / ankle pain, shoulder / neck pain, back / hip pain, "mom thumb", leaking, etc) with demonstration of stretches / strengthening exercises to alleviate symptoms.

Dorina Kroll will be presenting at 10:30am after Stroller Barre at the Clarksburg Outlets.