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The Real Talk Series is BACK!

We are so excited to offer you a series of "Real Talks" again during the month of September. We want to give you the opportunity to learn from experts and get answers to questions that you (& many of us!!!) have about key issues we face in motherhood.

So check out our scheduled Real Talks, and we'll see you there!

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September 7: Private Shoe & Bra Fitting

Join us after Run Club on September 7 for a private shoe & bra fitting event at Fleet Feet Sports in the Kentlands. Not part of run club? No problem! Meet us at Fleet Feet around 9:30, get fitted properly, enjoy some delicious snacks & even enjoy a special FIT4MOM discount when you checkout!

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September 10 & 17: Stop, Drop, & Goal!

Simple Solutions to help the Busiest of Women Keep their Life ‘Lit’ While Preventing Burnout! Rashida McKenzie shares the practical tools and strategies that will help you prioritize your personal and professional goals without guilt!

Rashida, from Queen Bee Concierge, will be presenting following class at the Kentlands on September 10th and following class in Downtown Silver Spring on September 17th.

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September 13: Building Your Village

The top things you need to know about hiring full time, part-time, or occasional childcare. In this session industry expert, Barbara Kline, founder of White House Nannies will reveal some secrets of the childcare industry, how to navigate your backup care benefit at work, and provide tips to help you know what to look for in a nanny or sitter and what to avoid.

Barbara will be presenting following our Chevy Chase class at Western Grove Park on September 13.

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September 14: Injury Prevention

Real Talk Event: Injury Prevention in Running, presented by coach Rachel Miller is an opportunity for running moms to learn steps to avoid running injuries and differentiate between sore and injured. She will present following run club on September 14.

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September 16: Sleeping Habits

Getting families their zzzzzzss in the D/M/V

Margaret Knudsen is a certified infant sleep educator and a tired parent just like you, her approach respects your child's needs from a developmental perspective while giving you the tools you need to survive the early days of sleep deprivation. Here at District of Sleep we believe that learning to fall asleep on your own is a developmental milestone, just like crawling or walking. Babies will learn to fall asleep on their own when they are ready but there is plenty we can do to set the stage for your baby (and you) to get a good night's sleep.

Margaret will present following class in Chevy Chase at Western Grove Park on September 16.

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September 18 & 27:

The Postpartum Body: A discussion about the various aches and pains that may occur after giving birth (including foot / ankle pain, shoulder / neck pain, back / hip pain, "mom thumb", leaking, etc) with demonstration of stretches / strengthening exercises to alleviate symptoms.

Dorina Kroll, DPT, PT will be presenting after class in Chevy Chase at Western Grove Park on September 18 and following class at RIO on September 27.

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September 19 & 25: Babyproofing 101

Wondering when you should start baby proofing your home? How to start? Bring your questions to a post-class “Baby Proofing 101” presentation on September 19, following Stroller Strides at My Gym Kentlands (following class at the Kentlands), and on September 25 at the Canopy by Hilton Hotel at Pike & Rose following class.

Michelle Kauffman, co-owner of Baby Proofing Montgomery, will be joining us to discuss the ins and outs of how to make your home safer for your little ones.

Baby Proofing Montgomery creates safer homes for infants and toddlers. They offer professional childproofing consultations, home assessments, products, and installations. Their objective is to minimize the risk of injury based on the layout of your home and age of your children. They address issues related to staircases, cabinets, drawers, furniture, doors, windows, electrical components, chemicals, and more. When your babies are crawling and exploring, it's time to give them a call.

Baby Proofing Montgomery services the MD, DC, and NoVA region. To learn more, check out and


We hope that you will get loads of answers at each of our events!

Have a question for us here at FIT4MOM Montgomery County? Do you have a topic for a future Real Talk? Send us an email at!

We look forward to seeing you soon!