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Due to COVID restrictions, our class locations are a little bit different than usual. Check out the specifics here:

RIO: We meet for warm-up outdoors on the top of the parking garage above The Corner Bakery. You can enter the parking garage by driving past The Corner Bakery and turning left into the garage entrance. Drive all the way up to the top (part of the barrier has been moved to the side so you can drive past). We are the only ones using this space, and stroller classes typically travel to the shade on the next level down during class.

Clarksburg Outlets: Class takes place outdoors near the amphitheater. Drive past Old Navy and keep driving until you cannot drive any farther. You'll see us in the shady area there, all the way at the end of the parking lot.

Downtown Silver Spring: Park in the Whole Foods parking lot in Downtown Silver Spring. At the back end of the parking lot you will see a large patch of grass near the church. You'll find us there for warm-up. *On rainy days, class may relocate to the pavilion where the ice skating rink is in winter. We will always send a note if class moves.

Montgomery Mall: Class meets in the parking garage near California Pizza Kitchen and Tara Thai. Turn left as if going up the ramp towards the top of the parking garage. When you see the barricades on your left, find a place to park on the right (you'll see the garage signs that say 3D & 3E). There's a huge empty side of the garage to your left where class will be.

Baker Park (Downtown Frederick): We meet on the walking path between the Edward P. Thomas Memorial Pool and the large playground with picnic shelters. Fleming Avenue is a one-way street and offers ample free parking near our meet-up location.

Villages of Urbana (Natelli CC): We meet next to the children's playground at the Natelli Community Center.

Villages of Urbana (Shafer's Mill CC): We meet in the lower part of the parking lot.

During cold winter months (or days with inclement weather), we meet in the 2nd floor space of 5471 Wisconsin.


Our stroller classes meet at the entrance to Western Grove Urban Park, next to Giant, during our outdoor season. There is free parking just across Western Ave on Livingston St. (intersection of Livingston St. & 42nd St. by Chevy Chase Rec Center and playground) or you can park in the paid parking garage located at The Collection at Chevy Chase. more

During warm months, we meet near the pergola at Arora Hills Local Park. You will see the pergola in the center of the parking area, right between the two baseball fields.

Our classes do travel after warm-up, so please plan your arrival accordingly.


For stroller classes at the outlets:

  • When we meet outdoors, we meet in the space in front of Old Navy downstairs.
  • When we're indoors, please join us for warm-up inside Suite 436. We recommend parking near Old Navy and taking the elevator upstairs. The suite is across from SAKS.
For Body Back at the outlets:
  • We normally meet indoors. When we're indoors, please join us for warm-up inside Suite 436. Park near Old Navy, and then take the stairs/escalator/elevator up to the upper level. It's across from SAKS upstairs.
  • If it's nice outside, class will often be outdoors (if pre-registered for class, you'll get a note from the instructor if outdoors)! Since the shopping center is open at this time, classes move down to the bottom of the parking lot near the amphitheater. From Old Navy, continue away from the shops until the parking lot ends.


We meet on the walking path between the Edward P. Thomas Memorial Pool and the large playground with picnic shelters. Fleming Avenue is a one-way street and offers ample free parking near our meet-up location.


When our RIO and Kentlands stroller classes need to move indoors, we’ll head to the beautiful indoor turf at CrossFit Hardshells. It’s just a short drive away. Park anywhere in the parking lot and walk in the double doors on the left (the ones without steps in front). Once in the door, you’ll be greeted and shown where to go. The turf is on the far side of the gym!


When classes are outdoors, meet us at Kentlands Market Square for stroller classes. We meet right on the square, the open area across from Starbucks (near the intersection of Market Street and Center Point Way).

The best place to park is in the lot on the other side of Michael's. There's a little walk through near Two Left Feet dance studio to get to the square.


At RIO Washingtonian, all classes meet for warm-up on the square between Uncle Julio's and the old Joe's Crab Shack.

There's plenty of street parking, and there are convenient parking lots behind both restaurants.

Address to use for GPS: 221 Rio Blvd, Gaithersburg, MD 20878


We meet on the lower level of Montgomery Mall, in front of Aroma, for warm-up.

To enter the mall right in the Aroma hallway, we recommend parking in the lot between the former Sears and the Cheesecake Factory.


We meet at Rose Park for warm-up. Rose Park is at the intersection of Rose Ave and Grand Park Ave by LL Bean. When there's inclement weather, class meets on the 6th level of the parking garage. Park between the 5th and 6th level on the Summer House side, and you'll see us!

Pike & Rose offers two convenient garages, and free parking for the first two hours.

11580 Old Georgetown Rd, North Bethesda, MD 20852

11860 Trade Street, North Bethesda, MD 20852


Meet to warm-up on the 4th floor of the Mall in the skywalk over Fenton Street!

The 5th floor of the Ellsworth Drive parking garage (the garage above Chick-Fil-A) has a mall entrance to the skywalk, which is right where we warm-up! The cost to park in the garage is $1/hour.


Meet to warm-up at Veterans' Plaza, the plaza with the ice skating rink in the winter, across the street from the movie theaters. We meet right in front of the Civic Building. There is 2-hour free parking in the Whole Foods parking lot or a parking garage right on Ellsworth Drive ($1/hour).


We meet for outdoor Stroller Strides classes next to the children's playground at the Natelli Community Center.


We meet on the lower portion of the parking lot at Shafer's Mill Community Center.


Come workout with us at Wheaton Plaza, and then stay after class to get your shopping done! We meet in front of JoAnn Fabric entrance (#14) for warm-up. There is a garage right across from Dicks Sporting Goods. You can park on the lower level and walk across to JoAnn's, where you'll see us.


The online workouts will be provided via zoom. All live workout links are provided via email at the start of the month and also in a private group for all of our current gold + platinum members. You may join that private group by clicking here. Platinum members also have access to bonus virtual classes through our partner franchises. Links to access these bonus classes are sent out on the first of each month with your virtual goodies.

All Gold + Platinum members also have access to our Video on Demand library that is available on any streaming device. The password to access the VOD library is included in your virtual goodies email each month.

Don't have a current pass or plan? Email montgomerycounty@fit4mom.com, and we'll get you set up!